A Prayer for an End to Abortion

Heavenly Father,
Spare our nation from the scourge of abortion.
Protect the lives of children in the womb.
Give hope and strength to their mothers.
Stir love in the hearts of fathers to support and cherish mother and child.
Cause our elected leaders and the courts to recognize and protect
the personhood of unborn children.
Lift up church leaders to proclaim a Culture of Life.
Lead parents who had abortions to repentance and healing.
Bring about the conversion of the abortionist and of those
who deny the birthright of children.
Grant me the courage and energy to be a Defender of Life.
I ask this through my Savior Jesus Christ.


4 thoughts on “A Prayer for an End to Abortion

  1. Dear Lord,

    With you, all things are possible. I know that you want us to save all the children in the womb from the evil of abortion. Please help us to do our best to defend the unborn, and to pray for the conversion of all the healthcare workers inside the abortion mills, that they may use their talents to save lives, rather than destroy lives. Amen.

  2. This past Sunday, the St. Catherine of Siena Knights of Columbus in Trumbull adopted a Day of Prayer at the Summit abortion clinic in Bridgeport as part of the national 40 Days For Life commitment. The weather was cold and the site was windy. I was the local coordinator for the Knights. Illness and rescheduled events due to the recent snow storms caused some volunteers to cancel, but others pitched in. At various parts of the day, my wife and three adult sons prayed for two hours at the vigil. A daughter and two granddaughters also prayed for an hour. Another husband, wife, daughter team prayed for two hours. An older woman, who recently faced serious health issues, prayed for an hour with her adult son. I am reminded that the love and support of family is a blessing that those who choose life enjoy. This is not meant to diminish the contribution of individuals who prayed at the site, whose witness also rebounds to the infinite Glory of God.

    If you want to participate in the Prayer Vigil, check if your church has adopted a day – over 50 in the greater Bridgeport area have. You can also register directly for the Prayer Vigil at http://www.40daysforlife.com/bridgeport/.

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